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19, 25 Martiou, Evosmos, Thessaloniki – 56224, Greece
+30 6940863586 kozacha2009@yahoo.gr


Residential Complex (7no houses), 2004 – Client: Multiple, Thessaloniki, Value: €1,300,000

Project Details

My company (KAZA Ltd.) undertook the implementation of a residential complex, consisting of 7 private houses and a private yard, built with eco-friendly materials (i.e. stone, wood and concrete) for the purpose of selling the units to multiple Clients.

St. George Byzantine Church, 2011 – Client: Municipality of Edessa, Value: €29,000

Project Details

The project objective was the complete reconstruction of the roof of the historic St. George Byzantine Church (1180 AD) involving strengthening of wooden trusses, maintenance of existing natural timber, strengthening the temple walls (the main body of stone) and coating the stone roofs.

Skills / Competencies Demonstrated

I provided strong project management and communications skills, especially liaising with the Hellenic Church Authorities and I was responsible for the detailed refurbishment designs and subsequently for the daily coordination of all works activities.

Luxury Dwelling (2008) – Client: Stelios Stylianidis, Thessaloniki, Value: €34,500

Project Details

The project aimed to the installation of lap-steel reinforcement with special type of resins, bearing walls’ construction of the first floor addition, masonry and plastering and ground floor building-frame construction.

Skills / Competencies Demonstrated:

I organised the works program, methodology and daily flow. I received very positive feedback from the engineering supervisor for this project, Dr. Asimakis Stylianidis (Professor of AUTH Civil Engineering) for my professionalism and expertise to manage the job.

4-floor+Basement Residential Apartments, 2007 – Dr. Vasilis Andreadis, Thessaloniki, Value: €51,000

Project Details

Construction of earthworks, construction of building frame, masonry and plaster building.

Project Challenges

The confined space available (3 sides of the land were bordered by buildings), and the existence of groundwater, causing the earth to be unstable foundation were the key challenges of the project. I provided suitable and robust engineering solutions (i.e. split foundations, soil stabilization) with a value engineering principle, ensuring fewer construction joints in the foundations and better construction consistency.

Lessons Learned

I appreciated how to select the right balance between cost estimate and proper construction methods to avoid implications relating to cost, time and thus efficiency.

Factory Unit, 2006 – Client: G. Sidiropoulos Co., Kilkis, Value: €140,000

Project Details

This Design and Build project included installation of industrial equipment and implementation of ECU metal construction, delimitation of the foundations and assembling of beams and pillars, including fitting of the panels.

Skills / Competencies Demonstrated

Excellent Client management and satisfaction, with great feedback received for both the design and construction project stages.

6-storey Residential Building, 2004 – Prof. Adamantios Tsolakopoulos, Thessaloniki, Value: €280,000

Project Details: Luxurious building construction services.

Project Challenges

The Client management was the greatest challenge in this project, as I was constantly in the position to persuading the Client for the sufficiency of the construction methodology, reflecting to a number of changes to the contract, including supervising engineers involved.

Lessons Learned

Through this project I realised the importance of Client management.

Egnatia Motorway, Panagia-Grevena, 2005-2008 – Client: PANTECHNIKI S.A., Total Value: €2,305,000

Project Details: Roadworks subcontractor, appointed by the leading Contractor PANTECHNIKI S.A., to deliver the implementation of a number of intersections, level crossings, tunnels, viaducts, friction piles, cut & cover motorway sections.

Egnatia Motorway, Ioannina-Arahthos River, 2004-2006 – Client: EFKLIDIS S.A., Total Value: €2,300,000

Project Details: Roadworks subcontractor, appointed by the leading Contractor EFKLIDIS S.A., to deliver grade-separated interchange/tunnel below the Arachthos Riverbed.