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19, 25 Martiou, Evosmos, Thessaloniki – 56224, Greece
+30 6940863586 kozacha2009@yahoo.gr



Civil Engineer, MSc (Structural Engineering)

Years of Experience

11 years

Current Position

Senior Engineer/Construction Manager


    • Civil Engineer MSc, University of Architecture, Civil Engineer and Geodesy (U.A.S.G.), Sofia – Bulgaria, 2000


    • MBA – Hellenic Management Association (EEDE), 2004


    • Certified Domestic Energy Assessor/Inspector, (2012)

Energy inspector


    • Seismic design and aid measures – Repair on reinforced concrete buildings, Technical Chamber of Greece, (2005)

Seismic design

    • Property Evaluation – Methodologies applied, Technical Chamber of Greece, (2010)

Property Evaluation

  • Bioclimatic constructions design, Cad Studies , (2011)


Bioclimatic constructions design

  • Environmental management of stormwater in urban environment

Environmental management of stormwater in urban environment.

Professional Associations

Member of Technical Chamber of Greece, (2002)

Professional Skills

I have developed key professional skills that have assisted me on providing efficient project managing services for Clients in the private and public sector including the following:

  • Site supervision skills; essential during management of site-related activities, and for design monitoring purposes (projects with high-level of detail).
  • Communication and negotiation skills; necessary for successful and comprehensive agreements with Clients.

Design skills: essential while carrying out structural calculations, assessing buildings’ energy performance and for the preparation of technical drawings (including architectural and bioclimatic layout plans).

Work Experience Summary

I consider my collective experience and knowledge of the design and construction practices, an ability to identify problems and to provide practical solutions as being my significant strengths, as well as my commitment on Client satisfaction. Having worked on a large number of projects, from project planning through to implementation on site, I have gained significant technical and managerial work experience and I have appreciated in depth the following key factors that relate to successful management and implementation of projects.

Client Satisfaction: I have identified at early stages of my project management practice that Clients are emotionally attached to their projects (more frequently with retail projects that involve Client risk), I have adopted the approach to arrange for “optioneering” workshops during the initial discussions based on draft concept design and documents, so that Clients are actively involved in the project appraisal, all key constraints are resolved and solutions are decided jointly. Subsequently, when achieving consensus regarding all project aspects, I provide the Clients with comprehensive reports, discussing in detail all the Contractual agreements, the understanding of the project, the overall approach and methodology (including design details and plans) and the composition of the team that deliver the engineering services (including architects and suppliers).

Market research: I have learned to always make project-specific (and client-specific) research regarding materials to avoid unproductive familiarity and unwanted misunderstandings with suppliers (i.e. overpricing) for transparency purposes. My professional ethos is emphasizing on Client trust and I always keep it as my first priority when liaising with Clients.

People and Resources Management: I have appreciated that the most valuable asset of the company is its people comprising the human resources (administrative and technical). In this regard, I have gained good knowledge of financial management requirements and I am an effective communicator with excellent project and people management skills. I have also the ability to coordinate various projects simultaneously.